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PiFest, the much-anticipated global event celebrating Pi commerce, recently concluded with resounding success. This success was not only a result of the active participation of the global community, but also a testament to the hard work put in by local merchants. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the key highlights of PiFest, showcasing the global reach, community engagement, and promising future for Pi commerce.

Global Participation

PiFest transcended borders, with participation recorded in 155 countries and regions around the world. The event’s global scale reflected the universality of Pi commerce and its potential to connect businesses and consumers on a truly international level. While there was widespread global participation with six continents represented, there was one region that had the most submissions to the PiFest survey: Indonesia! Congratulations to Indonesia and all of the dedicated local businesses and Pioneers who came together for PiFest.  

Community Engagement

One of the pillars of PiFest’s success was the enthusiastic response from the community. Over 21,000 responses were collected through a survey that asked Pioneers to share images captured at local businesses participating in PiFest. This extensive participation not only showcased the community’s support but also provided valuable insights into the event’s impact and level of integration of Pi into local commerce.

Diverse Business Participation

PiFest saw a diverse range of businesses taking part, highlighting the inclusivity and utility of Pi commerce. According to survey results, businesses from over 30 categories actively participated. Participating businesses ranged from travel and tourism to health and beauty, from medical practitioners to nightlife, from education and training to entertainment, and many more in between. The survey revealed that food services and retail for physical goods stood out as the top business categories to actively engage in PiFest.

This diversity is a positive sign for the future of Pi commerce, suggesting its applicability across a broad spectrum of industries.

Post-PiFest Era

Although PiFest 2023 has come to a close, the journey of Pi commerce is only beginning. Businesses can maintain PiFest fliers to help Pioneers identify establishments that integrate Pi. This continuity ensures that the momentum generated during PiFest extends into ongoing support for businesses embracing this innovative approach.

To further empower Pioneers, the call to action is clear: if you discover shops integrating Pi technology, spread the word and continue supporting those businesses. This grassroots effort is fundamental to the sustained success of Pi commerce, fostering a sense of community and shared responsibility.


PiFest achieved its goals thanks to the global community’s participation and the dedicated efforts of merchants. The event not only celebrated the present state of Pi commerce but also laid the groundwork for its promising future. As businesses continue to integrate Pi technology, and Pioneers actively support them, the landscape of commerce is set for a positive and innovative transformation. PiFest may be over, but its impact on the world of Pi commerce is just beginning.

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